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  • Technology Itself is Under Relentless Attack

    Richard Knowlton Financial Times International November 5, 2015 Sir, Many seem to accept that “good old-fashioned regulation” is the way to deal with businesses’ vulnerability to cyber attacks (“Businesses braced for bout of cyber regulation”, October 31). I beg to differ. The main problem in managing cyber threats is not the criminal negligence of companies […]

  • Risk and Compliance — Managing Cyber Threats and Why There is No Such Thing as Cybersecurity

    “Managing cyber rIsk is about very much more than just technology. And the complexity of modern business makes it much less straightforward than it sounds.”

  • ISAFE Position Paper

    The future vitality of the European economy is dependent on maintaining a vibrant and functional Internet structure. This means that debate over the appropriate steps to secure the Internet must be considered not through a narrow set of requirements, but in context of broader economic issues.

    Our information systems are under attack with methods at times so sophisticated that major corporations and even powerful governments are unable to prevent penetration. Our goal must be not just to enhance the security of our networks but also to do so in a fashion that will allow for, and encourage, the innovation, growth and competitiveness of EU based companies and national economies.

    To achieve these goals he Internet Security Alliance For Europe (ISAFE), a pan-European coalition of major enterprises from multiple sectors, propose structuring the EU directive for cyber security based on the 5 basic principles:

  • ISAFE Prospect Slides


    Promotion of the Internet Security Alliance- Cyber Security Council of Germany White Paper advocating a pro-innovation and growth, market based system of promoting cyber security in Europe

    Developing a set of best practices for European corporate boards of directors to address cyber security

    “Cyber Trak”– A “one stop shop” website of all the cyber security laws and regulations covering 20 world markets including Europe, the US Latin America and key markets in Asia. Ideal for corporations serving multiple markets or engaged in multi-lateral mergers/acquisitions or product roll-outs