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WHAT IS Internet Security Alliance – European Operation (ISA-EO)?

ISA-EO brings together leading European companies from multiple industry sectors and different EU member states..

ISA-EO’s sponsor companies make up its Board and they must be based in the EU. Non-EU companies which do business in Europe may join ISA-EO, but they may not serve on the Board.

ISA-EO is affiliated to the Internet Security Alliance (ISA) in Washington and shares its mission and broad goals. However, the ISA-EO Board will design its own programmes while its staff will be Europeans, accessing ISA resources as needed.


ISA-EO’s mission is to integrate advanced technology with economics and public policy to create a sustainably secure cyber space.

ISA-EO’s goals are to:

  1. Provide thought leadership in the field of cyber security
  2. Advocate public policies that will improve our collective cyber security posture in a market-oriented and economically sustainable system
  3. Promote the creation and use of sound cyber security standards, practices and technologies.


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