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Cyber Security – An Investor issue for the 21st century

In a blog written for the forthcoming "PRI in Person" investors' conference in London on 8 September, ISAFE's Chief Executive Richard Knowlton explains the critical issue of Cyber Security and the complex cyber threat environment implications that follow for companies and their investors. "Cyber" is widely used as an adjective to describe a range of issues related to Information Technology (IT) networks and systems - cyber landscape, cyber threat, cyber attack, cyber security etc. The extraordinarily rapid development of these networks now touches every aspect of our lives. While its impact is overwhelmingly beneficial, our increasing dependence on cyber technology creates vulnerability. This ...


How should Boards of Directors approach Cyber Threat Issues?

The increasing number of high-profile cyber attacks on listed companies is having a galvanising effect on Boards of Directors. They are, of course, highly conscious of their fiduciary responsibilities. But it's also worth noting that institutional investors are actively questioning companies about their management of cyber risk. In September, for example, the UN-sponsored "Principles for Responsible Investment" (PRI) will devote a whole session of its annual “PRI – In Person” conference in London to a discussion of cyber issues (see While Schroders recently published a “tool kit” for investors on the subject (see An issue previously left (at ...